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Moped and Scooter Rental in Maui, HI

Delivered right to your door and picked up when you're done!

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Experience the Best of Maui!

There’s just something about this island. Maui is unique among special places. Calm washes over you as you step off the airplane, feel the ocean breeze and inhale pristine mountain air as it rolls down Haleakala’s slopes. With so much to do on the valley isle, you’ll never get bored—unless… that’s your intention.

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Used Machines For Sale!

We have a constantly changing selection of high quality pre-owned mopeds, scooters and bikes.

Please call for current inventory and pricing or swing by take a test drive.

We have a constantly changing selection of high quality pre-owned mopeds, scooters and bikes.

Please call for current inventory and pricing or swing by take a test drive.

How to Ride a Moped

A Fun Riding Experience in Maui!

5 star
Will do again!

First, Robert brought our Scooter to the Condo on time, it was clean, and full of gas. He also made sure our helmets fit properly and that we fully understood how to operate it. My wife thought I was nuts for renting it until we drove south through Kihei and Makena, unlike a car the smell of flowers filled the air, ocean views and road side Tacos made for an awesome day as well as ease of parking anywhere. Will do it again next year.

– Fred Oliphant | Google Reviews
Had a Great Time!

We had a great time exploring Maui on mopeds. The team at Island Motion were absolutely wonderful to deal with. They dropped off and picked up the mopeds at our condo which was very convenient. We rented the mopeds at the last minute and Island Motion had them delivered within an hour all gassed up and ready to go. I highly recommend checking out Maui by moped, so give Island Motion a call

– Susan Anita | Google Reviews
Awesome scooters!

If you are looking to rent a scooter to see Maui - and you should - this is the place to rent from. Easy delivery and pick up whereever you are staying. We were lucky enough to have brand new scooters for my son and me and they were AWESOME. Got to see a lot of the Lahaina area that we otherwise wouldn't have. Great time! Will definitely rent from them again when we return to Maui!

– Chris Pozzuto | Google Reviews
We Had a Blast!

We had a great experience with these guys! They dropped off right to our resort as scheduled and gave some great tips on routes and things to see. Pick up was just as easy, called 15 mins ahead to let us know they were almost there and met where the drop off was. We rented scooters for two days and had a blast!

– Andrea Conway | Google Reviews
Couldn't be happier!

Yo Yo Yo. This was the best experience! Couldn’t be happier. Keoki dropped off our bikes to us. Gave us great recommendations on where to go. Where to eat and where to take that meal too. He was very nice and super helpful. They absolutely accommodated. It was a great experience. Do not hesitate to rent an Island Motion Scooter.

– Leok20 | Google Reviews
Very Highly Recommended

We loved our scooter getting us around west Maui! We did a couple longer trips over an hour from Ka’anapali to the airport for a helicopter tour & to Iao Valley for the hike. Rob was super helpful and had great communication the whole time. The delivery and drop off services were really smooth and convenient too! Very highly recommend this place for your scooter rental!!

– Chris Marian | Google Reviews
Service was amazing!

We had such a blast using the mopeds! The service was amazing, and Keoke was such a help getting us set up in the bikes and giving us recommendations! Definitely will be using your bikes again when we come back!

– Ivy Braddock | Google Reviews
Favorite part of the trip!

This was the favorite part of our trip! In our group we had 6 young adults and 2 older adults and this was our favorite activity. The team at island motion was AMAZING! They were quick to deliver, taught us how to ride, were so gracious when we had a few mishaps - i was able to text anytime i had questions. Thank you so much for making us feel so supported during our family trip to Maui! Mahalo!

– Rachel Dreon | Google Advisor
This is a must do!

Not only is this a must if you don’t want to rent a car, but cruising around in the sun is great and the personality’s of everyone makes it all worth it. I rented for 2 of them for 3 days and it was a blast. Can get up and down the island no problem!

– Caleb | Google Reviews
Wonderful Experience!

Wonderful experience. Very professional staff. Delivery and pick-up of the scooter's was excellent. We highly recommend Island Motion Moped. Great way to explore Maui. Richard, Rhonda and Keaton from Lake Stevens Washington

– Richard Mietzner | Google Reviews
Amazing Customer Service

Rob is amazing!! The scooters are well-maintained, easy to ride and cute as a button !! He has lots of helpful hints on where to go what to see. Very very personable, heart felt'll feel like you know him within the first 5 minutes. Thank you Rob for the great experience....we will see you next time!

– Roberta Cruse | Google Reviews

Amazing Moped Rental experience! Courteous service. They dropped off and picked up right to our condo! This is our second trip to Maui and we have only used Island Motion Moped for a unforgettable vacation. Thank You 🙏🏼

– Divinica M. | TripAdvisor
These scooters are great!

Great experience!!!! It's a very convenient delivery service - they bring the scooters right to where you are staying! My son and I rode them everywhere and had a blast. They show you how to use everything, how to lock them when you aren't using them, etc. Very easy and fun to use. Pick up was a breeze as well. Will definitely use them again when in Lahaina!

– Pozgroup | TripAdvisor
Great Service

Awesome rental service. We gave them a call early in the morning, had scooters dropped right at our hotel ready to go. Best way to get around was on scooters, such a great experience. We originally rented for 24 hours and ended up keeping them for 4 days. They had no problem extending our time with the scooters. Once we were done we called to have them picked up, simple as that.

– Lucy O | TripAdvisor
Hell yeah

This place rocks! Those little scooters are quick AND stable, and are easy to learn to ride too! Was mobbin' down the 30 at a cool 40 mph.... Also our friend had a little problem halfway through and they totally made up for it! They definitely care about their customers.

– J Shaw | TripAdvisor
Great Service / Great Ride

This was a great place to rent a scooter and the folks were helpful and very professional. I understand that some others have been very disappointed, but I found that this was a great experience. The owners themselves took us through the whole process of renting and care for the mopeds and then we went out and tested them out to make sure we were comfortable. I enjoyed the mopeds and they ran very well. They are well maintained and they were pretty reasonably priced.

– Steve D. | TripAdvisor
Wonderful customer service

Kyle was very patient and encouraging with our 16 year old daughter. She was nervous to drive a moped but after his lesson she had the confidence to toodle about the town of Lahaina with her brother. Our son has been riding motorcycles since he was four so this was a no brainer for him. I recommend Island Motion for any family with teens. Our kids had the independence to see the town without their not so cool parents and the price was quite reasonable. We will be back!

– Erica | TripAdvisor
Great, friendly service!

So glad my daughter shot us a link to this place so we could rent a couple scooters, and the scooter coupe. We had a ton of fun riding around Lahaina in the coupe, and further destinations on the scooters. Will definitely rent from these guys again. The service was very friendly, and the training was thorough and appreciated for those of us who had never rode a scooter before. Check these guys out for sure.

– Austin B. | TripAdvisor
Excellent service!

We rented two mopeds for a week. We were thoroughly trained and checked before we could go. We have a small issue with the lock and they immediately came to our hotel with a new one. Good equipment and EXCELLENT service. March 2019

– SandyClark2019 | TripAdvisor