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Buddy 170cc Rental

Quick Details

  • Valid Motorcycle License Required.
  • Parent or legal guardian must be present for riders under 18 years of age.
One Day Rental
Two Day Rental
Three Day Rental
Four Day Rental
Five Day Rental
Six Day Rental
Seven Day Rental

Tour Maui in Style with the Ultimate Commuter Scooter!

Pound for pound, the Buddy 170i is the most powerful scooter in the USA!

The Buddy 170i delivers a power-packed performance that’s sure to get your blood flowing. An advanced electronic fuel injection system makes the Buddy 170i the smoothest scooter of its kind.

High-quality brake components and stylish modern features make the Buddy 170i feel like it’s genuinely connected to you in all the right ways. There’s plenty of storage under the seat, making the 170i the ultimate commuter scooter. It has a 90mpg† rating and will cost you pennies to operate.